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Philip and the magic stone of Mungulus

Philip is a cheerful flamingo who lives by a small brook on the magical Trend Island. One day he slips on a stone. He takes a closer look and notices that it is very different from all the stones he has ever seen. What is the mystery behind this stone?

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Philip loves his little brook more than anything. It leads directly through a palm forest. The water is very clear. Day in, day out, he opens his eyes at sunrise and gazes at the magical land that surrounds him on Trend Island. The island is a very special place: Here, lots of fabulous things happen, new spells are tried out and rainbows are produced by the lovely chubby fairies, who are white, fluffy and brightly colored and can only be found on the island!

One morning the sun tickles the tip of Philip’s beak. He opens his wings and stretches. And slips. “Ouch! What was that? Such a stupid rock.” Actually, Philip knows all the stones of his little stream, but this one is new. Carefully he picks the stone up between his wings. It’s very heavy for such a small stone. And it has strange grooves on the surface. What could this be? Philip blows the water from the stone three times and then shakes the stone vigorously. Look! Suddenly the stone starts to glow by itself. “Diddl! Diddlina! You’ve got to see this! Quick!” shouts Philip loudly, petrified by his discovery. Only a few meters away from him, a hatch covered with palm leaves opens from which Diddl and Diddlina jump out. 

What did Philip slip on?Diddl and Diddlina come to help him.

Did you know?

Flamingos often stand on one leg so that they can warm the other leg and their feet in their feathers. Nobody likes cold feet. Brrrrrrr

The three friends show the stone to the wise peacock.

“Philip, what happened?” They’re out of breath. “Look, I found this magic stone, I slipped on it.” Diddl and Diddlina have to giggle. “Well ... then I blew on it and shook it and now it’s shining, just like that. Look here.” The stone glows bright blue and illuminates the faces of the three. “We should bring it to the wise peacock. I’m sure he can tell us what it is.” Diddl carefully places the stone in his pocket and the three run to the Trend Island temple, where all magic is created. In front of the entrance, the giant peacock rests on a large golden egg. His tail is open so that all his feathers sparkle and shine in emerald green. “Hello, you three. To what do I owe the pleasure?” says the wise peacock with a dark voice. “Wise peacock, I think I found a magic stone.” Philip nudges Diddl, who gently pulls the stone out of his pocket. Philip holds the stone toward the wise peacock. He opens his eyes wide.

“Oh my goodness, I can hardly believe it. Dear Philip, you have found the lost stone of Mungulus. For years, the chubby fairies and unicorns have been looking for it. Where did you find it?” “He slipped on it,” Diddlina blurts out. “The stone of Mungulus is the last stone of the large cauldron of rainbows, which is decorated with thousands of magic cave stones. If it is put back on the cauldron, the chubby fairies can finally produce rainbows for the whole world again! Philip, you are holding a true treasure in your hands. I grant you admission to the temple. Look for Nelaya, she knows what to do with Mungulus.” The wise peacock collapses his wheel of feathers and the big, heavy gate of the temple opens.

Philip moves forward courageously and Diddl & Diddlina follow him carefully, side by side. The three of them have always lived on Trend Island, but never before had they ventured to the temple. All three can’t believe their eyes: Busy, sweet chubby fairies fly around everywhere. They carry flowers, fresh fruit and herbs of all colors. The air smells like cotton candy and the little chubby fairies are all humming a beautiful tune together. Every time a chubby fairy flies over their heads, it rains a colorful cloud of glitter down on them. The three friends laugh out loud. Such a fabulous place.

In front of them stands a large unicorn, which carefully places bright red petals in a large basket. Then a nimble chubby fairy arrives, takes the basket up to the rainbow cauldron and pours all the flowers into it. The unicorn looks up and asks: “Who are you?” “We are Diddl, Diddlina and Philip, down from the little brook. We are looking for Nelaya. Do you know her?” The unicorn stallion paws the ground with his hooves. Then he laughs. “Of course I know Nelaya. She is the chubby princess of the rainbows. Only she knows the recipe for the perfect rainbow. What do you want from her?” “The wise peacock sent us. We have found the stone of Mungulus.” Philip shows the stone to the unicorn. His eyes grow large with surprise and he gallops off immediately. “Great,” Diddl rolls his eyes, “now you’ve scared him away!”

But as soon as Diddl lets out his frustration, the unicorn stallion comes back, with him two little chubby fairies. “Look, he’s got the Mungulus. That’s wonderful!” The little chubby fairies circle the three friends. “Come along, we’ll take you to Nelaya. Just jump on.” Diddl and Diddlina jump on the back of the two little chubby fairies and Philip spreads his wings. Together they fly up and up until they reach a crevice in which there is a small pink cottage.

A little chubby fairy collects blossoms.

The unicorn stallion gallops off to fetch the chubby fairies.

The chubby fairies are elated when they see the stone.

A magical chubby fairy with a long rainbow mane blowing in the cotton candy wind peers out of the window. “Nelaya, we brought guests. They want to show you something important.” Nelaya, the rainbow princess of the chubby fairies, flies through the window and smiles gently. “What can I do for you, my friends?” “Hello, we came from the little brook and brought you something. I found the stone of Mungulus today. And I know you need it.” Philip holds the stone towards Nelaya. Nelaya’s eyes sparkle. She does three pirouettes in the air and blows a huge glittering cloud of joy at her friends. “This is a miracle. The stone has been lost for more than 50 years. The old chubby fairies said that one day it would be brought back by a hero with a good heart, but no one knew when. Quick, come with me. Let’s not waste any time.”

Nelaya heads toward the rainbow cauldron. “May I have the stone, please?” she asks Philip. With a shaky wing he hands over the Mungulus to Nelaya. Arriving at the rainbow cauldron, Nelaya flies up to the opening. Now Philip can see it, the colorful cauldron is missing exactly one stone. Nelaya tenderly places the Mungulus in the empty spot. Just at this moment the cauldron begins to boil and bubble until an incredibly long rainbow ray comes out of it. It was the most beautiful rainbow Philip, Diddl and Diddlina had ever seen. “Thank you, my dear friends! We knew this day would come and we are happy that you, little flamingo, brought the Mungulus back home. In return, we will give you and your companions a chubby crystal. When you look through this crystal, you will always see a rainbow that brings you luck. No matter where you are.” Nelaya shakes three crystals out of her mane. “For you!” she says and blows the three friends up through a big hole in the temple ceiling on a cloud of glitter. They are gently set down in a clearing nearby. “Unbelievable – now we’ve repaired the rainbow cauldron,” whispers Philip. Diddl and Diddlina are still speechless. Philip looks through his crystal and sees many little rainbows. Sometimes miraculous things happen without us expecting it. Philip feels happier today than ever before and knows that Trend Island will always be his favorite place in the world. 

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