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Elafa and the green desert sea

Nothing is more precious than your own family. But what happens when you are suddenly all alone? Today we will tell you about Elafa, a little African elephant girl who is as brave and adventurous as all African elephants put together.

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Like a bright golden ball, the sun is high in the sky. The air is clear. A large herd of gray elephants moves slowly through the desert in a long line. Finally, after a long march, Elafa and her herd of elephants arrives at a big waterhole. “Get out of the way, I’m coming!” calls Elafa and she runs as fast as she can to the refreshing waterhole. Splash! With a huge leap she jumps right into the middle of it. 

She splashes her back with her little trunk. “Aaaahhhhh. “So refreshing!” She swims, plays, makes everyone wet. The elephants snort, wiggle their ears and squirt back. “Mommy,” says Elafa, “May I go play a little, I don’t want to swim anymore.” “Of course, go ahead. But don’t go too far away, keep an eye on us. We’ll move on soon,” says Mommy Elephant to little Elafa. “Oh of cooourse!” Elafa trumpets and hops away. The sand is warm underneath her elephant feet. She stops and lets the sun dry her thick, gray skin.

Elafa is the bravest elephant girl in the whole savanna!

Did you know?

An adult elephant can eat up to 550 pounds of food per day. The menu includes a lot of green stuff like leaves, grass, roots or branches. And elephants sometimes march through the desert for days to find something to drink.

Elafa meets the little velvet spider Rauna.

Suddenly she feels a tingling sensation in her ear. She shakes her head vigorously. Something small lands in the sand right in front of her. “Who are you?” asks Elafa. Big eyes look at her, while a bright red abdomen shimmers in the savanna sun. “Hello,” it squeaks, “my name is Rauna, I’m a little velvet spider and I live over in the steppe grass. Your skin was so nice and warm, I thought I’d just sit down there.” She giggles happily. “Come on, I’ll show you the web I wove this morning. It’s beautiful!”

“I want to admire it too!” croaks a voice suddenly over their heads.. A large, orange toucan beak is clattering cheerfully. “Hello Elafa, we haven’t seen each other in such a long time!” Elafa jumps for joy: “Fly, my dear friend, how wonderful!” The two hug each other. “Let’s go!” Rauna says and the three walk happily toward the steppe grass. 

After a long, long way they are finally in a sea of high green stalks in the middle of the desert. “Look, it’s over there!” WOW! Rauna is right. The spider’s web really does sparkle like a thousand diamonds in the bright sunlight. “You did this all by yourself?” asks Fly skeptically. Rauna nods proudly. The three friends marvel at the spider’s web, lie in the soft steppe grass and watch itsy bitsi clouds pass by in the sky. How wonderful it is to just laze around. Time flies by fast. And suddenly there’s a rustle in the grass behind them. “Roooooooaaaaar!” With one swift move, a big lion pounces toward them. Elafa is scared and hides behind Fly. “Leo, where did you come from?” asks Fly. The mighty lion shakes his magnificent mane and grins broadly. “Hello Fly! I was just walking when a very worried mommy elephant came up to me and asked me if I had seen a little elephant girl. I followed your tracks because she asked me to help. I think she’s looking for you.” Leo points his paw at Elafa. She’s wide-eyed. “Oh, no, the herd!” Elafa has been far away for far too long. “What should I do now?” says Elafa as a thick tear runs down her cheek.

But then she has an idea. “Giiiiilaaaaaaa-yeeeh, giiiiiiiiraaaaaa-seeeeey,” she shouts out loud. That was the secret call she had learned from Gideon, the largest giraffe in the desert. Whenever she was really in trouble, she could call him. Everyone looks at her in bewilderment. But after a few minutes, a long, long, long neck suddenly pokes out of the steppe grass. “Elafa, you called me. What’s wrong?” Elafa’s ears droop down and she explains sadly: “I promised my mommy that I wouldn’t walk too far away to play – but now we’re in the middle of the green steppe grass and I don’t know how to find my herd. Maybe you can see them?” Gideon’s gaze wanders across the vast expanse of the desert. “Mhhh, yeah ... wait. There! That’s the herd. They’re heading toward the river. You’ll have to head north, there’s no other way.” Oh no, that means Elafa has to cross the whole green desert sea of stalks and can’t just walk back along her old path. “I must hurry, the sun will soon set.” She is at a loss.

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“I have an idea!” Fly flaps his big wings three times and flies away. As soon as he disappears, the earth starts to quake. First very lightly and then stronger and stronger. “An EARTHQUAKE!” screams Rauna and jumps into her web. “I see Fly. And a rather large cloud of dust,” Gideon the giraffe explains. “Listen carefully – those are ... hooves. Aren’t they?” As soon as Elafa had expressed her thoughts, three zebras gallop toward her, Fly hovering above them. No – it’s two zebras. And a funny bear!? Who also has black and white fur. “Hello! We are Zet and Zeb. And this is our cousin Pao Panda. He’s visiting us from Asia. He is your man!” The two zebras and the panda give a friendly wave. Elafa is confused. “Fly, what are you doing?” “You’ll see soon!” At high speed Pao Panda gnaws and crunches on the steppe grass, ties up stalks on top of each other and weaves them together. The friends watch the spectacle eagerly. “Taaaadaaaaa, your steppe grass carriage!” Zet and Zeb strap themselves in front of the mat Pao has woven with his swift paws. “Come quickly, little Elafa. We’ll take you through the green desert sea. We don’t have much time. Hop on!” the two zebras call. Elafa is impressed. And delighted. Her very own steppe grass carriage. “See you soon, Rauna, Leo and Gideon. Sorry, I really have to hurry!”

She jumps on the carriage and soon after she waves to the others, the carriage starts racing. Fly flies above her. He directs the zebras. “Left, right, left. Yeah, straight ahead. We’ll go straight to the river!” The steppe stalks fly past Elafa and the carriage wobbles under her elephant bottom. “All right, now it’s time to hold tight!” And even before Elafa could think about what’s going to happen next, the zebras head toward a small slope. Zet, Zeb, Fly and the steppe grass carriage fly over the river in a high arch. Boooom. They land. Elafa falls off her mat. She rolls and rolls and rolls and rolls ... and lands directly in front of her mommy’s big feet. “ELAFA!” she cries out happily. “Hello, mommy, I’m a little late. Sorry.” She winks at Fly and the zebras while the sun slowly turns dark red. “Come on, tell me what you’ve been up to. I’m so glad you’re back.” Mommy Elephant puts her ear around Elafa and together they trot into the sunset. Nowhere else it is nicer than with your own family!

Our safari adventurer

 The figures are really beautiful and detailed. The little baby elephant particularly caught my kids’ eyes, because its face is very cute. The baby always crawls through the apartment with the lion and roars just like him. Too cute, because she’s got the fitting curly hair. 

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Picture: Manuel Debus

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