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The clearing in the wise trees

For centuries, the magician Elarion and the fairy Elassia have ruled the magical forest in peace. That is until one day the dreaded two-headed dragon tries to enter the magical forest. What is the dragon up to?

listening fun ahead. let us read our story to you.

As the sun sets, Elarion and Elassia stand on the large balcony of their magic castle and marvel at their empire. All magical beings and animals, big and small, young and old, live in peace, respect and happiness. Gnomes, elves, goblins, unicorns, birds of paradise and even dwarfs. They grow fruit and vegetables, exchange and deal in precious crystals. They make beautiful jewelry, unique dresses and build the most impressive cave houses and tree huts. “Elassia, my beloved wife, I am so grateful for this beautiful kingdom. The old trees protect us, just like the magic walls we built around our kingdom. No wars, no sorrow. May all magic souls live together in peace forever.” Fairy Elassia nods contently. Like he does every day, Elarion lifts his wand and touches the magical disk of the sun. He slowly guides the sun down to the horizon and lets it sink with a secret spell. A few moments later, Elassia lifts her wand, adorned with the only moon crystal of the magic world, and guides the moon to the sky with a magical spell. She circles the wand three times and little sparkling stars appear in more and more places in the blue night sky. “Let’s get some rest, Elarion. Tomorrow will be another exciting day for us.” The two of them close the balcony doors and look at their kingdom again happily.  

did you know?

Trees can live for 1,000 years. The oldest tree in the world stands in Sweden and is an amazing 10,000 years old. Imagine what stories they could tell! 

The Blue Knight is on his way to the magic castle.

The next morning, Elarion is standing on the big balcony to wake up the sun when he sees the Blue Knight and his banner in the distance riding toward the magic castle. Elarion lets the sun rise faster than usual, spreads his magic cloak and flies down to the big castle gate.  

When he opens the gate, the agitated knight gallops toward him. “Elarion, something terrible has happened. The guards at the magic wall have seen the two-headed dragon circling over our magical forest trying to reach the big clearing in the wise trees. We need your help.” His horse snorts. “All right, thank you for coming to me right away, Blue Knight. I’ll get Elassia, I need her for all the powerful spells.” In next to no time, Elarion flies up to the magic castle, where Elassia is already waiting. “I dreamed of the two-headed dragon tonight. Has he arrived?” she asks calmly. Elarion nods. They hold their wands together, spread their cloaks and fly away.

“Crusaders, archers, come with me,” shouts Elarion as they pass through the gate. The bravest knights join together and follow them. Elarion and Elassia fly over treetops, see hardworking elves and brave gnomes starting the morning at the big market square. They look up as they see the wizard and the fairy fly over their heads. Concern spreads in the magical forest. 

Again and again the green two-headed dragon soars above the forest, obscuring the bright sun with its mighty wings. The birds of paradise have flown into their nests; goblins and gnomes are hiding in their caves, and the elves are slipping back into their calyxes. “Our magical forest is afraid, Elarion,” Elassia whispers to the sorcerer. “I know,” Elarion answers and flies a little faster. 

Shortly before the clearing in the wise trees, the two hover in the air and descend slowly. Only a few moments later the archers and crusaders arrive. “We are always by your side, Elassia and Elarion,” asserts the first archer. “We know that! Thank you for your courage. Please be quiet and do nothing, unless we ask you to. Is that OK?” Elassia asks the brave men. “Yes,” they reply together. 

Elassia and Elarion stand back to back in the clearing in the wise trees. The trees whisper in the wind. “Can you understand the wise trees, Elassia?” She closes her eyes and listens. “They are saying, ‘No two are alike’” “What does that mean?” ponders Elarion. But before he can think too much, he is interrupted by a terribly loud growling sound: the green two-headed dragon. Right above them. The archers and crusaders hide behind trees and large stones. Its scaly belly shines in deep orange and its sharp claws are extended, while its long dragon tail swings back and forth. 

Elarion and the Blue Knight meet the two-headed dragon.

The dragon may look frightening, but he is very kind.

“WHAT DO YOU WANT?” yells Elarion in a firm voice. The dragon roars, spewing flames with all his might from both his heads. Then he makes himself pointy like an arrow and races toward the clearing. Elassia holds Elarion’s hand firmly as they point their wands directly at the dragon. He lands and folds his wings. The dragon’s four eyes stare firmly at the magician and fairy: “We are Dra and Gon. Together we are the two-headed dragon from the Rubble Mountains.” The dragon speaks with a powerful voice. “We know what you are! A monster that wants to disturb our peace,” Elarion cries angrily. “Elarion, that’s not true. We know what they are ... but not who they are.” Elassia takes a step toward the dragon. “You scare all the creatures of the magical forest, you spread fear. Why are you here? Do you come in peace?” 

Elassia approaches the dragon carefully and extends her hand to him. “For thousands of years we have lived alone in the mountains. Day in, day out we see from a distance how you conjure up the sun to the sky. Then the moon. Every day we wanted to come to you, be part of your magical forest. But then you built that wall. And we were too small to fly over it. Now we’ve waited 60 years and worked out every day so we could fly over the wall. Please don’t send us back. We’re so lonely.” The two-headed dragon lowers his gaze. 

Elassia turns to Elarion: “See, they are not all the same. The wise trees were right. Dra and Gon are not like all the other dragons. They need a home!” Elarion’s angry expression softens. “You can stay, Dra and Gon. But only if you promise to protect the magical forest from enemies, wars and villains, and NEVER harm anyone in the magical forest.” “Oh, we promise. We give you our dragon’s word of honor!” “That’s how it shall be, Dra and Gon. We believe in your good heart. Welcome to the magical forest,” Elassia welcomes them.

The archers and crusaders come out of the thicket cheering and blowing their trumpets. From that day on, Dra and Gon protect all the magical inhabitants of the magical forest, big and small, young and old. All the goblins, elves and gnomes. From this day on, Dra and Gon have a new home. 

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Dragons don't always have to be masculine: Dra and Gon have become Mina and Mona. 

Our dragon whisperer

My daughter has chosen the knight and the dragon as her favorite figurines. The two dragon heads are not called Dra and Gon, but are lovingly called Mina and Mona. They accompany us everywhere now. This morning they greeted me in the bathroom.

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Magical moments with our Figures of the magic forest. come closer!
Magician Elarion
Magician Elarion
Archer Red
Archer Red
Tournament Knight blue
Tournament Knight blue
Dragon double-headed green
Dragon double-headed green
Tournament Horse Blue
Tournament Horse Blue
Crusader red
Crusader red
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