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Stories & Adventures

Your imagination writes the most beautiful stories. Bring them to life with BULLYLAND.
BULLYLAND figures are the best friends of your imagination. We want all of your adventures to come to life and turn each of your creative thoughts into a unique moment.

The lost alphabet

The bookworm club is just about to meet in their cozy reading corner for their daily afternoon tea. But oh, no – something seems wrong? Q Pootle is missing! …

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The big garden race

For weeks, Lightning McQueen has been preparing for this one special day. A race between him and Jackson. The big race in the orchard. Will all his hard work …

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The clearing in the wise trees

For centuries, the magician Elarion and the fairy Elassia have ruled the magical forest in peace. That is until one day something terrible happens. Are you…

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Elafa and the green desert sea

Today we will tell you something about Elafa, a little African elephant girl who is as brave and adventurous as all African elephants put together. Interested.…

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Philip and the magic stone of Mungulus

Philip is a cheerful flamingo who lives by a small brook on the magical Trend Island. One day he makes a magical discovery. What could it be…

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