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Come on, sit down! 

Reading together is so cozy! Every book hero from BULLYLAND will take you to his or her kingdom. You won’t believe what adventures they experience. Let the reading begin. 


Side by side with your favorite characters 

Indianer Junge auf schwarz/weißem Pferd
Yakari on little Thunder

Yakari is a small Native American boy from the Sioux tribe who lives in the wilderness with his family and friends.

kleines Drachenwesen

The little dragon can breathe fire really well, but unfortunately cannot fly at all. Nobody knows why. But Coconut is very inventive, imaginative and curious.

freundlicher grüner Alien
Q Pootle 5

Q Pootle 5 is often called “Pootle” by his friends. He is a friendly green alien and the main character in the series. Most of all, he likes to watch the thousands of stars in the sky – especially from the roof of his camper van where he lives.


The Sandman is a little man with a white beard and red jacket and hat. He comes floating in each broadcast with a cloud or with an aircraft and always says in the beginning "Well, dear children, be careful, I've brought you something."

Discover all the figurines of the Reading Corner

Kleiner Drache

Reading Corner


Kleine Igeldame auf einem Skateboard

Reading Corner


kleiner orangefarbener Drache mit blauer Tasche

Reading Corner

Coconut with Bag

Adler mit weiß/braunem Gefieder

Reading Corner

Big Eagle

Yakari mit Federschmuck

Reading Corner

Yakari with Feather Headdress

Yakaris Pferd

Reading Corner

Little Thunder

Money Bank Yakari

Reading Corner

Money Bank Yakari

Yakari + Rainbow + Little Thunder

Reading Corner

Yakari Gift Box 3 pcs

New Findus

Reading Corner

Pettson and Findus Double Pack

roter Alien mit Haaren

Reading Corner


zweiköpfiger Alien

Reading Corner


roter Alien

Reading Corner


ein kleiner Computer

Reading Corner


 gute Freundin von Pootle

Reading Corner


Hund mit gelockten Haaren

Reading Corner


kleine Ente sitzt auf einem Schwimmring, liest

Reading Corner



Reading Corner


Elster mit Hut und Tasche

Reading Corner

Miss Elster

Fuchs mit Hut

Reading Corner

Mister Fox

Spardose Sandmännchen

Reading Corner

Money Bank Sandman

Wickie springend auf Steinen

Reading Corner

Vic jumping

dicker Wikinger mit Umhang

Reading Corner


schlacksiger Wikinger

Reading Corner


rothaariger Wikinger und großer Nase

Reading Corner


Wickies Vater, der Anführer

Reading Corner


kleiner Wikinger

Reading Corner


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The lost alphabet

The bookworm club is just about to meet in their cozy reading corner for their daily afternoon tea. But oh, no – something seems wrong? Q Pootle is missing! …


BULLYLAND is full of adventures. Be curious and discover even more stories featuring our heroes. You can read them yourself or listen to our audiobooks.

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