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okidoki, let's go!

Welcome to the coolest island in BULLYLAND! 

Lean back and enjoy the show! Magical things happen on our Trend Island. You’ll be amazed. All the characters who live here are true stars and spread glitter and glamour everywhere. Do you want to be a star, too? Then come to our trendy island.


Spot on, here are our stars

liebe kleine Maus mit großen Füßen

Diddl is a happy jumping mouse. He lives together with his best friends Pimboli and Ackaturbo in his cozy cheese cave under an ancient and hollow loft tree at the sparkling moonlight lake.

Spardose in Form eines Einhorns
Chubby Unicorn Money Bank

Trendy: Saving with the cheerful chubby unicorn is twice as much fun! The money box offers a lot of space for all the coins and notes you would like to save from your pocket money or money gifts from your family, so that you can fulfill one of your heart’s desires sometime later.

Unicorn Mare
Unicorn Mare

Hello you beautiful, magical creature! Bully dreamed about you. Together you were galloping over the clouds and heading straight towards the rainbow for the next adventure. Hopefully he won’t wake up so quickly, because dreams like this should never end.

rosa Flamingo steht in Wasser

Hello Bully, it’s cool to see you again at the lake. Right now there is a flamingo party with more than 10,000 birds in full swing. Come into the water and mingle with the pink people.

Discover all the figurines of Trend Island

New Bath Toy Chubby Unicorn

Trend Island

Bath Toy Chubby Unicorn

New Chubby as Scorpio Zodiac

Trend Island

Chubby as Scorpio Single Pack

New Chubby as Capricorn Zodiac

Trend Island

Chubby as Capricorn Single Pack

New Chubby as Sagittarius Zodiac

Trend Island

Chubby as Sagittarius Single Pack

New Chubby as Libra Zodiac

Trend Island

Chubby as Libra Single Pack

New Chubby as Virgo Zodiac

Trend Island

Chubby as Virgo Single Pack

New Chubby as Leo Zodiac

Trend Island

Chubby as Leo Single Pack

Trend Island

Chubby riding Single Pack

Pummel mit Teddy Single Pack

Trend Island

Chubby with Teddy Single Pack

Trend Island

Birthday-Chubby Single Pack

Pummeleinhorn Keyring

Trend Island

Chubby Unicorn Keyring

Pummel mit Teddy Keyring

Trend Island

Chubby with Teddy Keyring

Pummelfee Keyring

Trend Island

Chubby Fairy

bunter Pummeleinhorn Bilderrahmen

Trend Island

Chubby Unicorn Picture Frame

rosa Pummelfee Bilderrahmen

Trend Island

Chubby Fairy Picture Frame

Diddl kniend

Trend Island

Diddl kneeling

Diddl mit Käseherz

Trend Island

Diddl with Cheese

Diddlina mit Blumen im Arm

Trend Island

Diddlina with Flowers

Diddls Pferd

Trend Island


kleine liebe Mäusedame

Trend Island


rosa Spardose in Schweinoptik

Trend Island

Money Bank Pig

New Flamingo red

Trend Island

Flamingo red

New Flamingo pink

Trend Island

Flamingo pink

New Unicorn Foal

Trend Island

Unicorn Foal

New Unicorn Stallion

Trend Island

Unicorn Stallion


Trend Island


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Oh, how beautyful! Where do rainbows come from?              We'll explain:

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Philip and the magic stone of Mungulus

Philip is a cheerful flamingo who lives by a small brook on the magical Trend Island. One day he makes a magical discovery. What could it be...

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