Where horses gallop to explore the world Paddock

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okidoki, let's go!

Hopp, Hopp - off we go in a gallop!  

Over hills and valleys – there is no better way to travel than by horseback. There is a lot going on at the BULLYLAND paddock. Have you found all the figurines in the paddock? Come visit and let’s play all day. 


Im Schritt, Trapp, Galopp auf einen Blick

Mädchen mit gelben Gummistiefeln, blauer Jeans und rosa Weste
Horse Girl Marie

What’s that rustling noise in our stable at this early hour? Bully goes to investigate. He is just too curious to find out what’s happening ... Marie is already there and busy grooming our Tinker mare.

Tinker Stute mit rosa Sattel
Gypsy Mare

Cool, our Tinker mare is already in the starting blocks. Earlier today Bully met our little horse girl Marie in the stable, who was busy grooming and saddling all the horses for the big ride.  

gepunktetes Fohlen
Knabstrupper Foal

Hmmm, the scent of fresh hay is in the air. Everything is so quiet and peaceful in the riding stable. Except our little foal: He couldn’t sleep anymore and is already awake. I bet it is because he is so excited about his first ride …

Hengst mit braunem Fell, weißen Hufen und schwarzem Geschirr
Hanoverian Stallion

Yoo-hoo, finally we’re off for our ride! Don’t you think the new red saddle blanket of our Hannoverian stallion is really cool? A real eye-catcher …

Discover all the figurines of the paddock

Shetland Pony Stute mit geflecktem Fell


Shetland Pony Mare

gefleckter Hengst in schwarz/weiß


Knabstrupper Stallion

Oldenburger Schimmel


Oldenburg Gelding

Fohlen mit hellbraunem Fell


Trakehner Foal

Wallach mit hellbraunem Fell



Stute mit rotbraunem Fell und weißer Mähne


Haflinger Mare

Stute mit geflecktem Fell


Lewitzer Mare

geflecktes Fohlen in braun/weiß


Paint Horse

Stute mit geflecktem Fell in braun/weiß


Paint Horse

Wallach mit braunem Fell und schwarzer Mähne


Shire Horse

weiße Stute mit schwarzem Geschirr


Arabian Mare

Turnierreiterin mit Stiefeln, weißer Hose, schwarzer Jacke und Helm


Tournament Rider Isabelle

Reiterin mit Helm, Steifeln und blauer Weste


Rider Nina

Mädchen mit rosa Shirt, blauer Jeans und Helm


Riding Girl Emily

Reiterin mit schwarzen Steifeln, dunkler Hose und lila Weste


Rider Julia

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Good night, sweet horse. Wait: How do horses actually sleep? Just listen:

Let'SPaint & Play

Paint & Play Development

Open your pencil case and color in our pictures. You can then find out which heroes are hidden behind our great sliding puzzles!

Let'S go
Happy, happy, horse! How many horses live on our planet? Attention, attention:

Clip-clop, clip-clop – how fast can you move your pen across the paper? Color your favorite horse in just the way you like it and rearrange the tiles into the correct order to see what’s going on in the paddock.

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Show us your Bullyland horses!