Where fairy dust and dragon teeth make dreams come true Magic Forest

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okidoki, let's go!

A magical hello - we welcome you!

Where elves, gnomes and goblins, birds of paradise, magicians and fairies – yes, where all mythical creatures live together in peace, there you will find the Magic Forest. Every day in this magical place is like a fairy tale. Do you think little fairies like to play as much as you do?


Our magical four

kleine Fee mit grünem Kleid und Flügeln
Tinker Bell

Tinkerbell is an adorable fairy and the faithful companion of Peter Pan on all his adventures. She never leaves his side, but she is often jealous of Wendy Darling, Peter’s friend. Tinkerbell shows her jealousy towards Wendy very clearly.

Drache mit drei Köpfen orange
Dragon with 3 Heads Orange

Help! Who’s growling so loudly and why is it suddenly so hot in the land of dreams? Oh, it’s you, our giant, fire-breathing monster! If I didn’t know you were actually a really nice guy, I would have run away screaming. 

Pfau mit aufgeschlagenem Rad

Hello our forest beauty, even in the colorful jungle your peacock tail cannot be overlooked. Tell me, do you want to stay and look for fruit and insects or would you like to come with Bully and have a nice chat with the toucan? 

Zauberer Elarion
Magician Elarion

Hocus pocus, hello Bully, my little mortal, what are you doing up here in the land of dreams? Would you like to help me push the clouds around again or should I turn you into a small flying fox?  You would be able to go and visit your friends at the rainbow even faster then. Abracadabra....

Discover all the figurines of the Magic Forest 

New Pegasus Stallion

Magic Forest

Pegasus Stallion

Fee in blauem Kleid und türkisfarbenem Hut und Zauberstab

Magic Forest


Magic Forest

Dragon sitting Blue/silver

grüner Drache

Magic Forest

Dragon sitting Green 

orangefarbener Drache

Magic Forest

Dragon sitting Orange

Prinz mit Schwert blau

Magic Forest

Prince with Sword blue

Axtkämpfer blau

Magic Forest

Knight with Axe blue

Bogenschütze blau

Magic Forest

archer blue

Bogenschütze rot

Magic Forest

Archer Red

Turnierkämpfer rot

Magic Forest

Tournament Knight red

Turnierritter blau

Magic Forest

Tournament Knight blue

Axtkämpfer rot

Magic Forest

Knight with Axe red

Schwertkämpfer rot

Magic Forest

Knight with Sword red

Schwertkämpfer blau

Magic Forest

Knight with Sword blue

Fledermaus Baby fliegt

Magic Forest

Young Bat

Fledermaus fliegt

Magic Forest


Fee mit schwarzen Haaren, rotem Kleid und Flügeln

Magic Forest


blasse Fee mit blauem Kleid, schwarzen Haarenund weißen Flügeln

Magic Forest


rothaarige Fee in rot gekleidet und Flügeln

Magic Forest


dunkelhäutige Fee in gelbem Kleid und Flügeln

Magic Forest


Fee mit Pferdeschwanz orangefarbener Kleidung und Flügeln

Magic Forest


Fee sitzt auf Schneeflocke in eisblau gekleidet mit Flügeln

Magic Forest


Tinkerbell Winterfee

Magic Forest

Tinker Bell Winterfairy

Tinkerbell mit Blitz

Magic Forest

Tinker Bell
with Blaze

kleines Mädchen in Nachthemd

Magic Forest


böser Pirat mit Schwert und Hackenhand

Magic Forest

Captain Hook

Junge in Grün und Hut

Magic Forest

Peter Pan

Tinker Bell

Magic Forest

Tinker Bell

Drache fliegend rotbraun

Magic Forest

Dragon flying Red/brown

Drache fliegend türkis

Magic Forest

Dragon flying turquoise

Drache mit 2 Köpfen grün

Magic Forest

Dragon double-headed green

Drache mit 2 Köpfen schwarz

Magic Forest

Dragon double-headed black

Drache mit 2 Köpfen orange

Magic Forest

Dragon double-headed orange

Ross mit silbernem Schutz und rotem Sattel

Magic Forest

Battle Horse red

Turnierpferd in rotem Umhang

Magic Forest

Tournament Horse red

Turnierpferd in blauem Umhang

Magic Forest

Tournament Horse Blue

Schlachtross blau

Magic Forest

Battle Horse blue

Kreuzritter mit Schwert und Schutzschild

Magic Forest

Crusader red

Prinz mit Schwert und Schutzschild

Magic Forest

Prince with Sword red

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