Where dinosaurs and saber-tooth tigers roam the earth Dinosaur Park

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okidoki, let's go!

Good day, brave explorer!

Volcanoes bubble, hot springs sizzle and huge flying dinosaurs soar by. Your're in the middle of BULLYLAND's Dinosaur Park. Meet all the dinosaurs of the prehistoric world and go on your own adventures with them. Playasaurus!


Our favorite figurines

Tyrannosaurus mit offenem Maul mit vielen scharfen Zähnen
Medium Tyrannosaurus

Hello, our favorite giant! What are you doing in the woods this morning? Are you looking for something meaty to eat again?

Fauchender Säbelzahntiger
Saber-toothed Tiger

Hello tiger! It's good to be your friend because you look so powerful and dangerous with those huge and super sharp teeth... do you want to go for a walk in the forest with Bully and see who you meet?

Fliegender Pteranodon mit offenem Schnabel

Wow, that was quite a gust of wind! What is that funny shadow above Bully? Oh, our flying dinosaur is doing his rounds!

Spinosaurus mit offenem Maul

Did you just feel the earth quake? Our huge thorny lizard is on the road again and looking for something to eat in the water... good thing she doesn't like small, cheeky Bullies!

Discover all the figurines of the Dinasaur Park

Triceratops mit zwei Hörnern und offenem Maul

Dinosaur Park

Medium Triceratops

Rennender Archaeopteryx mit offenen Flügeln

Dinosaur Park

Medium Archeopteryx 

Liopleurodon mit offenem Maul und Flossen

Dinosaur Park

Medium Liopleurodon

Giganotosaurus mit offenem Maul

Dinosaur Park



Dinosaur Park


Tyrannosaurus mit offenem Maul

Dinosaur Park


Velociraptor mit großen Klauen und Federn

Dinosaur Park


Elasmosaurus mit sehr langem Hals und vier Flossen

Dinosaur Park


Ammonit mit zehn Tentakeln

Dinosaur Park


Riesenmammut mit langem Rüssel und großen Stoßzähnen

Dinosaur Park

Giant Mammoth

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our dinosaurs get top marks. But how come?

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Together we can Paint & Play

Paint & Play Development

Open your pencil case and color in our pictures. You can then find out which heroes are hidden behind our great sliding puzzles!

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