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okidoki, let's go!

Time to cuddle, come closer!

Our BULLYLAND pets love to cuddle and spend time with you! They are the best friends. Do you also have a pet at home?


Woof, meow, beep - all our darlings! 

Bernese Mountain Dog
Bernese Mountain Dog Bianca

Woof woof! Hello BULLY, are you coming over to the dog place with our other boys? I've already heard from my little one that a really difficult course was set up for us. I want to take a look on it ...

grey Cat
Chartreux Minka

Hello Minka, what are you dreaming about? Are you again hunting for mice or where do you want to go? Take me with you, I'm so bored. Together it makes more fun!

green Budgie

Hey BULLY, my friend, nice that you visit me again. Tell me what's new, you're always on the move everywhere and I'm only here in my home? I'm soooo excited and looking forward to all your adventure stories ....

black / brown rabbit

Hello, our long-eared friend! Look, Bully brought you a carrot. You always love carrots, don’t you? He’s really bored right now and he wanted to ask if you’d like to hop around in the garden with him and explore the area together. 

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rotbrauner Hamster

Variety of Products and Worlds


schwarz/weißer Hase

Variety of Products and Worlds


bunt geflecktes Meerschweinchen

Variety of Products and Worlds

Guinea Pig

Variety of Products and Worlds

Beagle Henry

kleiner hellbraun/grauer Hund

Variety of Products and Worlds

Pug Percy

braun/schwarzer Schäferhund

Variety of Products and Worlds

German Sheperd Rex

Baby Berner Sennenhund

Variety of Products and Worlds

Bernese Mountain Puppy Joy

schwarze Französische Bulldogge

Variety of Products and Worlds

French Bulldog Sammy

braun/weiße Katze mit grünen Augen

Variety of Products and Worlds

Domestic Cat Kimmy

rote American Shorthair Katze

Variety of Products and Worlds

Shorthair Francis

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A rabbit can hop as fast as a motor scooter – but usually only for a short distance.

Woff! Why is the German shepherd dog called "shepherd dog"? Listen!


paint & play

Paint & Play Development

Open your pencil case and color in our pictures. You can then find out which heroes are hidden behind our great sliding puzzles!

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