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Our Promise to you


Why your Imagination
is so important to us.

Children are full of curiosity and their urge to discover new things is boundless; they want to explore their surroundings, learn all there is to know and experience what the world has to offer, then write their own stories – all they need is the freedom to do so. After all, children love nothing more than playing! And science confirms this: Researchers looking at how and what children play assume that children will have played a total of 15,000 hours by the time they reach the age of 7. This translates into 7 hours per day!

Seven hours full of creativity and fantasy during which they experience the wildest adventures with their heroes, defeat dragons with brave princesses and pass on their most secret fears to the Worry Eaters.

But playing is not just a way of passing time: The innate instinct to play allows children to discover their surroundings and relive their everyday experiences. That is why it’s especially important to not exclusively focus on educational games. While these games promote individual skills, such as the ability to concentrate, they don’t inspire children to create their own ideas. But that is exactly what makes our high-quality BULLYLAND figures so special: They are not educational games, they are creative games!

They inspire children to use their vivid imagination. By playing with the figures, children create their own world not subjected to any educational guidelines or learning targets. This makes playing fun and encourages every child individually.


Why playin games is
so much fun.

A child’s fantasy reaches its absolute peak at the age of 3: the “magical phase” begins and lasts until the age of 6. During this phase, children explain the ways of the world using their fantasy: of course, Santa is real and he brings the Christmas presents – the power of imagination makes it happen. In addition, the enthusiasm for role play awakens at this age. Children make a game of everything they experience to learn and understand social behaviour. Children love to imitate everyone and everything; this is the case until they reach primary school age. Children can let their imagination run wild and live their own stories with the multifaceted BULLYLAND figures. 

And if the instinct to play is properly supported and promoted in early years, it will remain active until a ripe old age! An innate curiosity is the foundation for all future interests, which is why it is so important not to serve just one aspect of a child’s curiosity. Rather, every child should be given their very own freedom to experience and develop their own creativity.

Children between the ages of 6 and 12 love to collect things – whether knights, princesses or unicorns! And once the passion for collecting has been stirred, the objects of desire pop up on every wish list. Children create their own type of safety by classifying objects into different categories. If something out of the ordinary happens that a child cannot explain using its previous experiences, then having Elsa in hand creates the safety that children need so much. BULLYLAND is proud to accompany children through all these phases of their natural development.


Why our range is so

It is extremely important to BULLYLAND to constantly develop new figures that inspire a child’s imagination. The huge range is infinite: traditional animals such as lions, etc. are included, as are charming fantasy figurines or prehistoric dinosaurs. 

These not only stir the instinct to play, but also awaken curiosity! Children can hold the animals, look at them from all sides and better understand the differences between the animals. Parents can then help their children discover the world and its amazing diversity in a playful way.

And even the heroes from the child’s favourite films come to life with BULLYLAND: Children receive their first stimuli watching Disney films, among others, and can use BULLYLAND figures to turn the film into a story of their own. Using their imagination, children can bring the courageous Ice Queen or the lighting-fast race car driver from the cinema screen right into their own room. No matter which world is particularly exciting for children at that moment, the limitless BULLYLAND range always provides parents with the right figure. Regularly introduced new characters expand the possibilities children have for discovering their very own worlds. Thus playing with BULLYLAND figures can never get boring, rather the possibilities are endless.


Why quality is so
important to us.

Children need toys that suit their age and are made for children; toys that turn into real playmates and stimulate their imagination. BULLYLAND is fully aware of this tremendous responsibility and therefore uses high-quality base materials and fair conditions in their production. To oversee the latter, BULLYLAND has joined the ICTI (International Council of Toy Industries) code of conduct which is committed to fair production in the toy industry. With over 40 years of experience and passion for what we do since the company’s founding in 1973, we have been constantly looking at how we can develop/optimise our figures. “Safe toys” is what guides BULLYLAND: the highest quality in selecting materials and in production is always the top priority. That is why BULLYLAND figures have been made of particularly safe and PVC-free base materials since 2000. 

In addition, all BULLYLAND figures are carefully painted by hand and produced true to the original! BULLYLAND works with scientists to achieve a meticulously detailed body anatomy and a species-appropriate expression. For this reason, a long-standing cooperation with the Hannover Zoo and the Stuttgart State Museum of Natural History exists. BULLYLAND also received an especially prestigious award: The renowned consumer magazine, “Öko-Test”, awarded the top score of “EXCELLENT” to BULLYLAND’s dinosaur “Giganotosaurus Museum Line” in their big 12/2016 classic toys test. Many BULLYLAND farm and wild animals also carry the “spiel gut” (play good) quality seal awarded by the Arbeitsausschuss Kinderspiel + Spielzeug to products that are seen as being particularly “play worthy

So, parents can be sure: you can purchase BULLYLAND figures in good conscience and with a sense of responsibility.

BULLYLAND figures are far more than just toys: they accompany children through all phases of their natural development. They are companions for children bravely discovering the world around them, letting their imaginations run wild, and they remain loyal for children to develop their own personality.