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For Parents

Bullyland figurines are more than just toys.

There’s nothing children like to do more than play and their urge to discover makes them true storytellers! With the help of their creative drive to play, children go through different stages of development and learn more about each other, their strengths and their abilities. All this happens in the freedom they enjoy when playing. Learning and educational games are extremely important, but they do not encourage children to develop their own play ideas. This is exactly what our high-quality BULLYLAND figures are all about: they are not educational games, but creative games! Playing is fun and stimulates every child – in their own individual way.


Researchers have found that children up to the age of six have played for almost 15,000 hours. That equates to an average of seven hours of play each day!

Founded in Spraitbach near Stuttgart in 1973, the team at BULLYLAND has known from day one what its responsibilities are. All BULLYLAND figures are developed in Germany and we rely on high-quality basic materials and fair production conditions. For this reason, BULLYLAND play figures have been made from particularly safe and PVC-free base materials since 2000. 
It’s not just the BULLYLAND team that acknowledges the excellence of BULLYLAND figures: the renowned consumer magazine “Öko-Test” awarded the BULLYLAND dino “Gigantosaurus Museum Line” the top grade of “Very Good” in the major classic toy test in 2016!

Our Giganotosaurus is a roaring success – and Öko-Test agrees.


BULLYLAND has been working together with Hannover Adventure Zoo and the State Museum of Natural History in Stuttgart for many years to make sure that all figures are as authentic and species-appropriate as possible.

It is not only the variety of BULLYLAND figures that is important to us, but also the endless possibilities offered by our 700+ characters that make every imagination come true: From the farmyard, through mythical creatures, all the way to prehistoric worlds. The child’s heroes and favorite characters from books, TV and cinema are also part of our family of figurines and we are proud of working with Disney for over 40 years. 

This is what Mickey looked like 40 years ago…

… Wow! Mickey has really looked after himself!

But we don’t just want to bring the fantastic magic of BULLYLAND to your home, we also want to make life a little more beautiful for children who are less fortunate than others. BULLYLAND is therefore regularly involved in various charity campaigns and also supports children’s hospices and other projects. For example, Camino of Love, where Anette Lynge and Uwe Dannheisiger walk the Way of St. James together and collect money for children suffering from cancer. BULLYLAND also supports the Kinderlachen association, which brings a smile to the faces of less fortunate children all over the world.

Christian Vosseler, contact person of the Kinderlachen association, hands over our Eeyore gift box to the Dortmund Children’s Hospital.

On the left- and right-hand pictures you can see two mothers with their children in the Nestwärme e. V. facility in Berlin. In the middle, a child in the St. Johann Clinic in Tyrol is happy to receive our Eeyore gift box. 

Lighting up children’s eyes

Thanks to the generous donation from BULLYLAND, many little and big adventurers are indulging in their very own magic world. For boundless fantasy in the lives of all children, BULLYLAND donated toy figures worth EUR 54,000 to the voluntary association Kinderlachen. The little heroes are overjoyed … see for yourself!

Parents can trust us and be sure: With BULLYLAND, they give their children responsible toys with a clear conscience.