Broadcasting your company perfectly ...

... everywhere and every time with BULLYLAND it’s not a problem. You'll see for yourself how your own individual advertising model creates a positive environment with customers and business partners.

Step by step, you can easily obtain your personal model:

1. Send us a drawing or sketch, coloured or with a list of colours and their position.
2. We will provide a detailed quote.
3. You assign us for the modeling, tool, and the production of the figurines.
4. You will receive a wax model for confirmation.
5. After confirmation and the return of the wax model, we will create the injection molding tool in our own tool construction department.
6. Prior to production, you will receive a coloured confirmation sample.
7. Production of the basic row figurine.
8. Very detailed hand painting
9. Customizing, attaching key chain, printing, and much more...
10. Your advertising figurine is complete.
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