Product information

Very few manufacturers of action figures are searching intensively for the best materials for their products in the way that BULLYLAND does. For many years, we have had our own development departments as well as external research centres confronted with the question, "How can we make our figurines better and safer?". It is with the deepest conviction that we say, “to maintain the safety of our children is our priority”. Therefore, we do not want this area of research to stagnate in the future. It is because of this dedication that BULLYLAND is the only manufacturer worldwide that has managed to develop PVC-free base material so that it is entirely suitable for the manufacture of action figurines.

The fact that the overall quality and durability of the products is maintained without impacting the environment negatively is important to us. This requirement has been supported by cooperative partners, such as the National Museum of Natural History in Stuttgart and the Hanover Zoo, who assist us in development.

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